Neurosis Sanatorium Predeal is a public establishment of national, with legal, subordinated to the Ministry of Health and is the object of medical services in hospital units, according to the organizational structure established by the Ministry of Health.

Predeal neurosis sanatorium single unit from the country in, Conditions of hotel-type accommodation and meals, PLACED IN A ZONE OF EXCEPTION GEOCLIMATERICĂ, Alpine climates.


Sanatorium "BUCEGI" - Predeal was established 3 physicians who took the decision to build it so that they have a place to care for patients. To this plan, the 3 doctors: Dr. Liviu Câmpeanu, Dr. Dr shift Teodoreanu Haralambie. Popper Maximilian bought the land on which is now built sanatorium.

The land purchase was transcribed in the register no. 4805, 4807 și 4808 at the Court Registry Prahova, secţia notariat, on day 24 May 1934. Sanatorium building works began immediately after purchase land and lasted until the beginning of December 1934. The first patient entered the nursing home is registered on 11 December 1934. Sanatorium water supply was achieved by capturing springs, situate the distanta of 550 m of nursing. Power supply is from Campina by Mayor Predeal.

Sanatorium has central heating, operating since 1946 ment pe gaz.

The date of 2 November 1948, Presidential decree of nationalization, No.. 302/1948, sanatorium passed to the Ministry of Health.

Located on the highway connecting the city Rasnov Predeal, o distanta of 5 km from the center of Predeal and 3 km of Cold Creek Resort, Predeal Neurosis Sanatorium was established in the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Provisions nr.836/1967 - starting 01 September 1967, as isolated units, with a capacity of 130 of beds, by taking over the assets and liabilities of the former sanatorium climatic Neurosis - Săvârşin.

As of 01 May 1975, Order of the Ministry of Health under nr.158/1975 - Predeal Neurosis climatic sanatorium becomes the basis for clinical research and education of the Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry and Psychiatric Clinic that IMF. București.

It is the only medical facility profile directly subordinated to the Ministry of Health, the single specialty, having as object of activity "marginal mental illness recovery (nevroze)”.

"Sweet dreams madhouse" by John Şerbănescu

“Când – hingherit de stress, depression or other tumors in the head you're holding back - your doctor recommends a course of Neurosis Sanitarium Predeal, less smoking and stay comfortable with the thought that, discharge header ticket, not write "Psychiatric Hospital Balaceanca". If you also have the misfortune to, by hitchhiking between the station and sanatorium, to tell the driver where you want to go, see how it transpires hands on the wheel, her gaze remains fixed on the windscreen and - without even answering a question - you land in front of the medical establishment, refusing fees and started their whirlwind. There are circumstances that entitle you to wonder if, once admitted, straitjacket will be cloth or cotton, and common mattress comfort that you will enjoy a surveillance camera, will be shared with schizophrenics, paranoid sau oligofreni coprofili.

Time of admission contrasting disturb your mental balance affected by road made in arm with pessimism. Courtesy and professionalism of medical and administrative staff at unprecedented, located on Valley Râşnoavei, comfort accommodation spaces (Kicking away hundreds of pseudo-hostels) and - not least - prices are only meant to wire your generator to charge the psycho-physical.

Contact one of the rooms neat, equipped with fridge, the TV Dus, it makes you rub your eyes on the bill, even if you are away from eye diseases. “It's no joke, 's Ugly Truth!” , call once a commercial obsolete. No sanatorium in Predeal prices do not take wives; a day spent there (including consultations, accommodation, trei mese, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, Aided gymnastics and - if necessary - free treatment) costs as two packs of cigarettes!

The most important and effective service to indirect, dar voluntary, Visitor is fully open their communication and socialization. Workers find temporary refuge there, engineers, teachers, Judges, polițiști, confectioners or retirees of all ages, from all over the country. Many of them, veterans of the space accessible, refuge and two times per year (union, for more than a decade) the island cut off from the physical and moral pollution of urban and everyday infected rurarului. Rediscovering all socialization, open communication and friendship. In psychotherapy sessions, the mass, during hiking, tennis matches or flirting. You do not hear anyone arguing, The atmosphere is "down" only the strong air, ozonat. Look for 15-30 days (Minimum-maximum stay period optional) you're adept at social amalgam of Romania. If, after departure, dose of wisdom that you have accumulated, will be another man, for a long.

It would be difficult and unfair to try a hierarchy of dedicated professionals who Sanatorium, among the few buildings clean and chic, situate la 4 km de Predeal, manages a unique national, ferit the stress, depression, loneliness and monotony. "

"LA remakes of" de Nicu Zaharia
The Predeal, Predeal
Among the trees, between the mountains,
It's a place for
Descreţirii overhead.
The wonderful landscape
Sub clopot of a cer
Indivizi diferiţi
Vieţuiesc pasager.
There are happy and sad,
Offhand or shy,
They look sometimes
Viata-n high oglinzi.
Wanting to forget yesterday
They're not too easy
In today's whirlwind
I miss the memories.
Return year after year
Like migrating birds,
Optimism și speranță
They're only going.
Some people and they,
The worst and best,
What a shame –
I think crazy world!

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