Contact admissions phone service: 0268 455 160

Form for online programming

Contact admissions phone service: 0268 455 160

Form for online programming


  • Admissions are based on planning, Given that the minimum cure takes 14 days. People who are not fully insured pay health care, average cost per day of hospitalization being 240 lei,,ro,T,,en, T,,en,T13,,ar. Insured persons pay only value increased comfort, cost per day of hospitalization ranging from 30 – 60 lei/zi, according to the comfort of.
  • IMPORTANT! În conformitate cu prevederile H.G. nr.400/2014 pentru aprobarea pachetelor de servicii şi a Contractului-cadru care reglementează condiţiile acordării asistenţei medicale în cadrul sistemului de asigurări sociale de sănătateşi cele a H.G. nr.900/2012, începând cu data de 01 May 2015 card use National Health Insurance is mandatory. Pacienţii care sunt programaţi pentru internarea în unitatea noastră sunt rugaţi să se prezinte la biroul de internări având cardul de sănătate sau adeverinţă de asigurat validă, eliberată de către Casa Judeţeană de Asigurări de Sănătate din judeţul de domiciliu.


  • Ticket clinical reference for health care / Admission ticket used social health insurance system – issued by a specialist psychiatrist (the first hospitalization for patients in sanitarium) after GP (for patients with a history in our unit).
  • National health insurance card certificate or card replacement (card reported lost) valid for the entire period of hospitalization, issued by the County Health Insurance county home for sure.
  • SALARIAŢI – Employee type certificate (Download the form here) under Order C.N.A.S. 8/2016. (if the sick leave certificate requests) / RETIRED – Last coupon pension.

* Unemployed seeking certified sick leave for the period of admission will present evidence with the latest medical leave 12 months.


  • Medical certificate issued by the family doctor / specialist, stating that supports patient mountainous area (elderly / with comorbidities)
  • Minimum set of medical tests (recent) copy – hemoleucograma, glycemia, cholesterol (LDL or HDL), electrocardiogram interpreted, Further review / investigations conducted (ultrasound, CT, MRI).

* For patients with other chronic conditions (HTA, CICD, Diabetes, hepatitis, etc.…) copy medical records to correct evaluation of the state of somatic.


  • Sanatorium has 140 of beds, divided into three pavilions (2 pavilion of women and 1 flag men) with rooms 1 și 2 Beds, common or proper toilet, with rates ranging from 27 – 45 lei / day depending on comfort.


  • Cablu TV, acces internet, gyms and fitness.
  • Physiotherapy Cabinets, practices psychology.

Schedule for admission to our unit is so:

  • The patient will call the admissions office: 0268 455 160 and determine the date of admission on weekdays (between the hours 13.00 – 15.00) or form on page ONLINE APPOINTMENT.
  • Program admission and release it on weekdays between the hours 09.00 – 13.00 Pavilion 1 Head nurse's office.

Admittance criteria:

  • Recommendation from a psychiatrist or family physician.
  • Somatic and mental condition - diagnosis : anxiety disorders, adjustment disorder, depressive affective disorder;
  • Cardiac Compensaţi; echilibrați, Valiza engine; comprehensivi, cooperanți ( treatment for co-morbidities - diabetes, HTA, CIC, disfuncţii thyroid,etc.)

Neadmiși: psychotic turbulent, psychopaths decompensated or confusional, stuporoase;

Prioritization criteria:

  • Date of Application (ordonare temporary).
  • Statut profesional, ocupațional: salariaţi (teachers, health professionals); studenți, șomeri, Retired medical; old-age pensioners; unoccupied.
  • The diagnosis :
    1. Anxiety disorders, adjustment disorder, depressive affective disorder.
    2. Bipolar affective disorder type ( episode manic or depressive episode exception severely ideation autolytic),organic affective disorder (offset psychosomatic), offset psychotic disorders.

Patient access to medical information.

  1. The procedure of: Determining how to fully respect the right of the hospital patient information.
  2. Scope: The procedure applies to all staff.
  3. Applicable law:
    1. Law 46/2002 Chapters 2 și 4 the patient's right to medical information and the right to confidentiality and privacy of patient.
    2. Ordin nr. 386 of 7 April 2004 the approval of the application of the law on patient rights no. 46/2003, art. 1.
  4. It is recorded in FOCG person chosen for the patient to be informed, record signed by the patient.
  5. Relatives and friends of the patient can be informed about the progress of investigations, Diagnostic şi tratament, written consent of the patient.
  6. The patient has the right to request and obtain another medical opinion, which is recorded in FOCG.
  7. The externare be eLibera, all patients, a written summary of investigations, diagnosis, treatment and care provided during hospitalization.
  8. All information on the patient, results of investigations, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, Give her personal, confidential even after his death.
  9. Confidential information may be disclosed if the patient gives explicit consent, in writing or expressly required by law. If the information is necessary for other medical providers accredited, involved in patient, granting consent is not required.
  10. Patient access to personal health data.
  11. Issue a copy of the sheet obervaţie general clinical or after other medical documents is the written request of the patient, request to the hospital manager and registered in the register of input - output of the hospital.
  12. The request shall be made by specifying the following mandatory patient identification data, that carer:
    1. Name and Surname.
    2. Personal numeric code.
    3. Number and ID card number or ID card.
    4. Date of issue of the identity.
    5. Residence.
    6. Contact phone.
  13. If the patient does not have all the data in the request to the hospital management, and it was requested, written, completing the identification data.
  14. The copy of survey or any document about this (adeverințe), patient will only release personal, signature of receipt.


  • Patient's discharge date is communicated verbally by the nurse on duty at least 24 hours before the date of discharge. In patients affected discerning, reduced, or in cases where the patient explicitly requests this, Its carers are informed by the duty nurse or doctor about the date and time for taking the patient may present.


  • In accordance with Article 74 of Government Decision approving nr.117/2013 Framework Agreement on the conditions of medical assistance in social health insurance system for years 2013-2014, starting on 01.04.2013 be charged co-payments for medical services provided at discharge in Predeal Neurosis Sanatorium worth 5.00 lei,,ro,T,,en, T,,en,T13,,ar. Exceptions are exempt from co-payment categories make, prevazute the art.213 alin.1 din Legea nr.95/2006, with subsequent amendments:
    • children up to age 18 year, young people between 18 și 26 de ani, if students, high school graduates, until the start of the academic year, but not more than 3 months, apprentices and students, if no income from work;
    • ill patients included in national health programs established by the Ministry of Health, medical services related to the underlying disease of that disease, if income from employment, pension or other resources;
    • retirement income from pensions only up to 740 lei/lună;
    • all pregnant women and lăuzele who have no income or have incomes below the minimum gross salary per economy.
  • Copayment will be charged with issuing discharge documents, simply by issuing receipt.